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Kool Shirt
I did not dar e refuse

Fullerton's mercy●.So I came out here the moment y▓ou had gone.Were you surprised to find ▓me gone when you ret

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hi▓m. One moment.

urned ▓ Never mind that now, said Brought▓on.Let me get your story straight● first, and then I'll g

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Koolest Shirt
How had he lea rne●d a

ive you mine.When▓ you came to Waynscott you went to ▓Lawrence's office first, didn't ●you That was M

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bout those let ters Fro
Collect from /
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e● could have found o

onday forenoon Yes●, she said, looking a

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ut.Arthur woul d● neve

little ●surprised at the form of his q▓ue


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r have s
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poken of
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it.I go

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▓perate that
  • finally I wrote to Arthu●r.
  • Ah! He was the only one w
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ho k▓new th
  • e whole case.He knew about the
  • letters▓, had known William,
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and had warne
  • d me that● William would make
  • trouble, a●nd that I was goi
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ng to build
  • up un●happiness for myself.I
  • wrote him ●what had happened.
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